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we take care of the rest

Who We Are

At Cultivate, we are passionate about providing care that will bring the most meaningful change to our patients’ lives. We do this by utilizing only the most effective, evidence-based treatment and teaching methodologies.

As a partner we would demonstrate the same level of passion for your business. We will provide our resources (such as Recruiting/HR, Community Outreach, Marketing, Accounting, Billing) to allow your business to grow sustainably and to ultimately empower your clinicians to help their patients lead independent and productive lives.


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Parnership Benefits

“With Cultivate’s support, we were able to expand our business and give our employees incredible opportunities to grow.”

— Lindsay Michalewicz, BCBA & Co-Founder of CBI

Career Opportunities

Career Track  Mentorship  Benefits

“From the moment I walked in the door, I knew Cultivate was a special place; I was amazed by the enthusiasm, patience, and general sense of support I felt from everyone in that building. Those qualities are a huge part of the company culture, and this amazing community has ignited a passion in me for this incredible work that we do.

— Madeleline  Mengler, RBT & Training Coordinator

Where We Are

Partner Locations

Cultivate is proud of our diverse partner base. We currently operate more than 20 ABA clinics across six states and are continuously seeking opportunities to expand.


ABA Clinics

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