Partnership marks key milestone in Cultivate’s mission of providing personalized care to children with autism in the Midwest. 

We are excited to announce the partnership of Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education with Pediatric Therapy Group (PTG) a home-based provider of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy services treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is Cultivate’s second partnership with a Chicago based organization (the first being The Centers for Behavior Intervention in 2019).

By partnering with PTG, we now have more operational ability to meet families where their needs are. Likewise, PTG shares the same values as Cultivate. Namely, our phenomenal clinicians and our support team share the same passion for serving individuals with Autism and other developmental and intellectual disabilities, their families, and our communities.

When asked about the partnership with Cultivate, PTG founder Ozgul “Ozzie” Holmgren exclaimed, “I am so excited to be a part of the Cultivate family!” She went on to explain, “I’m especially thrilled to be empowered to focus on our patients and staff while Cultivate helps build our infrastructure. Everyone at Cultivate is on mission and looks to advocate for the field at large. A culture like Cultivate’s builds sustainable growth that will help many families in the future!”

This partnership highlights Cultivate’s mission of helping families navigate the autism treatment journey and the team is invested in finding a multitude of opportunities to accomplish just that. Whether that be through establishing new clinics in underserved areas or acquiring practices (such as PTG) that help address the unmet needs of the community at large.

Cultivate was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by clinicians who loved their craft, and wanted to serve the community by providing high-quality individualized treatment. Cultivate now serves over 26 communities across Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, and Tennessee. For more information please visit


Omar Abdullah

VP of Marketing & Outreach


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